Evoke Hope Non-Profit Organization Hosted Tipuana Farm Tour



On Sunday, September 15th, Evoke Hope sponsored a Farm Tour at Joey D’Elia’s Tipuana Farm – Permaculture Demonstration Site in San Marcos. The event had a great turnout with new friends from all over San Diego and Orange Counties.  People came from Santee, La Mesa, Poway and even Laguna Hills!

CLICK HERE to read the full story and see Tour Photos

Permaculture Dreams – Sheri Menelli – BlogTalkRadio Episode

Sheri Menelli, a great friend of Tipuana Farm, joins Tall Paul to share her “Permaculture Dreams” with us, and why it is important to create and form mental images for your goals to be achieved. Sheri taught hypnosis for childbirth since 1999. She is the author of “Journey into Motherhood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth” and was the co-host and producer of the radio show, The Real Side of Birth. She is also the author of numerous hypnosis recordings and ebooks.

Sheri is very active in our local Permaculture community and is a visionary who will help inspire all of us to want and do more for ourselves, our families and community!

Permaculture Aquatic Systems – Ponds & Constructed Wetlands – BlogTalkRadio Episode

Dr. Robert Lloyd, a Microbiologist with over 30 years experience with aquatic systems, joins Tall Paul to discuss the beneftis of having ponds and constructed wetlands within your Permaculture design.

“Bob” is very passionate about “creating long term stable ecosystems that do not need chemical assistance.” He is the owner of “PuraVida Aquatic” which has provided non-chemical pond maintenance, constructed wetland — water composting/water reclamation and rainwater catchment systems since 1994.

I wish we could all have his background in science, but his enthusiasm and easy-to-understand teaching style will certainly boost your interest in these important Permaculture topics!

Please visit Dr. Lloyd’s website at: http://www.puravidaaquatic.com/

Greywater System Extension

Raul and Joey are installing a greywater extension to an existing system. The greywater was directed out from a bathroom shower into an underground container with holes. The area had good saturation, so it was decided to extend the system by creating overflow stations throughout the fruit tree garden. There were several chickens that were “helping” out with the project… as worms and other grubs were unveiled they would dive in to have lunch!